IGNOU Early Declaration of Result - How to apply

Are you waiting for IGNOU term end examination result ? Are you studying in the last semester / year? Have you been selected for higher education or selected for a particular job and would like to produce course completion certificate or grade card to prove that you have successfully completed your IGNOU programme of study ?

Solved IGNOU Assignments

ignou solved assignments
Dear ignou distance learners, to help you complete your programme in time, I am happy to inform you that from now onward you can access solved ignou assignments (important points only. The learners are advised to elaborate more on the given points here.) for some specific courses. To get your copy, please mail to

IGNOU Previous Year Examination Questions

IGNOU Previous Year Exam Questions
 Download IGNOU Previous 9 (nine) Years Question Papers. Have a look at the question pattern of IGNOU term end examinations held in the past years. Questions of both January and July sessions can easily be downloaded from the IGNOU main website. This post is just to guide you to get the questions.

Go to IGNOU main website >> Students Zone >> Question Papers >> Choose the year.

Alternatively you can follow the link given below.
Get IGNOU Previous Years Question Papers Now.

Some useful information on IGNOU examinations (for distance learners):
As you know, IGNOU examinations are conducted twice a year, in the month of June and December. If you have failed in one or more courses (in IGNOU, we don't say Subject, we say it as Course), you can appear it in the next term end examination, provided your programme validity is not expired and you have submitted assignments for that particular course. If you are interested, see my other post on IGNOU assignments tips on how to write and submit.

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Best Wishes to All IGNOU Learners who are going to appear in June 2014 Term end examinaiton

My best wishes to all IGNOU distance learners who are going to appear in the forthcoming June 2014 Term End Examination commencing from 2nd June 2014.
May your hard work doesn't go in vain.
Be sincere and write what you know. DO NOT Copy. Your result will make you smile. Keep smiling.
If you have anything to share, any doubt, please feel free to contact me or post your comments in the comment box below.
Thank you.